Setting up conformation email, prevention of repeat voting & submissions. Password protection.

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    Asked on August 30, 2012 at 01:42 AM

    I have a pretty unique series of questions and perhaps they have already been asked somewhere else online. I am having a pumpkin carving contest for kids and adults, and I have created a form for contestants to register. This is what I would like:


    CONFIRMATION LINK: After submission, registrants receive an auto-confirmation email message which would provide a link to confirm their email address is valid.

    RECOGNIZE REPEAT EMAILS: If the same email address is used again in another submission, an error note to pop up after clicking submission button stating that the email address used is already registered.

    VOTING: After all submissions are received, voters can see photos and vote on one contestant per age group. Prevention of repeat voters.


    How could I get these things to work for my form(s). What similar options does Jotform offer? Also, how do you use the password function?

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    Answered on August 30, 2012 at 11:52 AM


    I was looking at your form and I believe that the following information will answer you questions.

    Mail verification / Confirmation Link - User clicking on a link on an autoreply:

    Here is an extract of that thread(by our colleague Abajan)

    Even though JotForm does not presently have such a feature, there is a workaround where the user has to submit two forms. When he sends the first one, he receives an autoresponse containing a link to a second form whose fields are pre-filled with his name and email address. These pre-filled fields can be made uneditable if the form is embedded using the full source method. (In reality, they can be edited by simply changing the URL in the browser's address bar but most users would not be aware of that fact). All the user would need to do at this point would be to click a confirmation button. (An optional CAPTCHA field can be included to minimize spam). Upon submission of this second form, the user would be informed that his email address has been confirmed.

    You would be able to see which users confirmed their email address by matching the submission records of each form.

    To see such a system in operation, complete this sample form. (In this example the fields can be easily edited by embedding the full source of the form into your webpage and adding the readonly attribute to the input tags renders them un-editable.)

    Would this type of setup be appropriate for your needs?"


    Unique submissions /  Allow/Deny multiple submissions by one user.

    Please apply these suggestions to your form and let us know if you need any further assistance