How can I create a sign up form with monthly subscription

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    Asked on September 26, 2017 at 05:55 PM

    Hello JotForm,

    I am looking for the best option to create a sign-up form.  Essentially, I am creating a database of professionals where they sign-up and are charged a monthly fee to be listed on the database.  I am trying to find the right service that can meet my needs.  I need a killer sign-up form with monthly billing integration and I need that form to talk to my database.  I look forward to hearing what JotForm can do for me.  Hope to hear from you soon.



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    Answered on September 26, 2017 at 07:56 PM

    Hello Craig - From how you described it, you need two things:

    1. A sign up form that offers monthly subscription

    This can be achieved with any of the Payment Processors we integrate with. My recommendation is to at least build a form first. The most important part in the building process would be the content of your form. Once you have a general goal on how the form should behave, or look like, pick a Payment Processor that will fit your needs then add it to your form.

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    2. And a way to pass your submission data to your own database

    Connecting a platform (whether it's JotForm or not) with your own database has to be coded from your end by a developer.

    What we can do to help is point you to some guides and articles that provide ample amount of details and examples to achieve what you need.

    If you're using MySQL as your database, you can use PHP to send submission data to your db.

    Complete guide: How-to-send-Submissions-to-Your-MySQL-Database-Using-PHP

    Alternatively, we offer Webhooks which should also allow the same idea of sending submissions to your db using your own PHP script.

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    Take your time reviewing the guides linked in this post and if you see any problems along the way, don't hesitate to ask so we can help.