Prepopulate form using url link request

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    Asked on October 03, 2017 at 09:41 PM

    Hi,  Can you help me create two prepopulate links needed to pass data from one form to another? I need various form 1 and form 2 field data to be passed to form three.   The prepopulate links will be used in the Thank You and the Auto-Responder email.

    I spent an entire day trying to work this out but failed in every attempt.  One member of your support team suggested in create this new thread to make this request.

    I tried to attach a file with the details, but could not get the request to post. Below I have listed the three forms involved and the fields that are involved.  I hope the explanation is clear enough.  Please advise me if something more or different should be supplied to you.

    Thank you. I appreciate your help. Sorry I couldn't figure this out by myself.



    Prepopulated forms request        
    Group Application
    Individual Application
    The two forms listed above will supply data to this third form:  
    Camp Registration
    Request 1 - Prepopulate URL         
    From … 8084160   To …1084150    
    {assignedGroup}    {calc3Ignore}    
    Request 2 - Prepopulate URL         
    From … 284157    To…1084150    
    assignedIndividual   calc3Ignore    
    tourismOption   tourismOption    
    yourName    fullName111       
    middleName   middleName7    
    gender177     gender        
    birthdate     birthdate        
    yourEmail136   yourEmail      
    yourPreferred   bestPhone      
    yourCurrent    yourCurrent        
    tourismOption   tourismOption    
    whatIs    whatIs        
    whereWere26   whereWere      

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    Answered on October 04, 2017 at 12:40 AM


    Here are the fields you need to prepopulate the 3rd form.

    For Request 1:{assignedGroup}

    For Request 2{assignedIndividual}&middleName7={middleName}&gender={gender177}&bestPhone={yourPreferred}&whatIs={whatIs}&tourismOption={tourismOption}&fullName111[first]={yourName:first}&fullName111[last]={yourName:last}&birthdate[month]={birthdate:month}&birthdate[day]={birthdate:day}&birthdate[year]={birthdate:year}&yourEmail={yourEmail136}&yourCurrent[addr_line1]={yourCurrent:addr_line1}&yourCurrent[addr_line2]={yourCurrent:addr_line2}&yourCurrent[city]={yourCurrent:city}&yourCurrent[state]={yourCurrent:state}&yourCurrent[postal]={yourCurrent:postal}&whereWere={whereWere26}

    If you have questions, please let us know.