Meeting in two different time with groups and with limited seats

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    Asked on October 06, 2017 at 03:12 PM

    At first I want tell you that your forms are amazing. Great job. :))

    Now about my problem. The whole day I am trying all your wignets and try to solve it but I didn't. I hope that you can help me (some solution, idea...)

    Here is my form where you can see the problem.

    I have 14 classes each with available 15 seats. The people can register from 1 either alone or with one or two people 
    coming with the person. So person can register one or max 3 people. 
    Wigneta Form calculation sum up the number of people.
     Meeting have two possible times (8am and 10am). The tables for seats are hiding according the chosen time. 
    The problem is that if I use wignet Gift registry it subtract only 1 and not the number of registered people, who will come to meeting. In this wignet is not possible.
    Wignet Gift registry, Apointment slots and Ticket purchase ... I tried them all an there is the same problem. They just have diffrent names. All just subtract one person. Although their advantage is that the registered person can only choose one class.  
    The other possibilities, which I tried, you can find in my form. 
    I tried wignet Quantiti gift and also the use of 14x wignetu inventory.
    The use of them is possible only if that there is possibility to choose only one class and max
    of the number (0-3) of people.  In this wignet the person can register more classes even more people than 3.  
    So I am desperate. Can you please help me??? 
    Ešte ma napadlo len neviem či je to môžné, prepojiť hodnoty dvoch wignetou. To znamená, aby sa aktualizovala prvá wigneta Gift registry poľa hodnôt z wignety Quantiti gift.
    Viem, že to nie je jednoduchá úloha, ale budem vdačný za akúkoľvek radu. 
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    Answered on October 06, 2017 at 05:11 PM

    You for your nice feedback, we really appreciate it. 

    Now, as I can understand, you need to have the options with certain available number, so once the available number is reached the option is disabled. 

    So far the only widget that will allow you to set a limit on the number of selected quantities is the Inventory widget: 

    However, there is not a way yo limit the number of items that can be selected on multiple widgets. 

    If I understood correctly, do you want to limit the selections on your widgets, for example, if they already selected 2 for group 1, they can only select 2 of any other product. Is this correct? 

    If I'm correct, this is not currently possible to achieve, but you may get the source code of your form and implement your custom scripts to limit the selections: 

    I hope this helps.