Need to configure to sell "recurring" subscriptions like does.

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    Asked on October 10, 2017 at 03:18 PM


    I'm trying to configure a form using the widget for the payment gateway through I have a form where various options influencing the amount of a donation and/or purchase have all been calculated into a single field. Then, I would like to use the widget to "sell a subscription" that 1) pulls this calculated amount from the form, then 2) allows someone to choose how often the amount will be automatically deducted from their checking accounts (one-time, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and 3) allows them to set the number of times the deduction will happen. 

    I've successfully used the widget to do all of this on another form. But that form collects payments via credit card. I would like to do the exact same thing via the widget (through for e-check deductions from a checking account.

    Unlike the widget, the widget doesn't allow for "sell subscriptions" as a payment type. But... when I go to directly -- bypassing my JotForm form -- I CAN enter recurring transactions manually. So, this IS an option that does provide. How do I implement it in JotForm?

    I spoke to Kevin in chatroom help, and he said, "I have been checking the integration and in fact the subscriptions option is not available; however, I'm not sure if this is due to API limitations. Please note that sometimes the app may allow some features while using their app directly, on this case subscriptions, but they are not available through their API. If you want, we could forward this to our second level in order to know if would be possible to have subscriptions available for the integration." Kevin went on to say, "Thank you for the clarification, in fact, since the "sell subscriptions" type is not available you cannot either configure it to capture the subscription amount from a calculation widget. In order to open the feature request you will need to open a thread on our forum so we can forward it to our second level. We will be glad to forward it to our second level, you may also indicate that I suggested via chat to open the forum thread."

    So... here I am, submitting a feature request in a new thread on the forum. Thanks.

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    Answered on October 10, 2017 at 04:22 PM

    I will forward your request to have the integration allow for selling subscriptions.  It does currently appear to be limited to one time payments.  If there are any updates to the status of your request, we will let you know here in this thread.

    Please note that is can take some time to get to each request and not all requests can be filled.