Is it possible to adjust the size of the answer 'field' on matrix and grading fields?

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    Asked on September 07, 2012 at 11:27 PM

    I want to use these to collect a bunch of information relating to the same subject and I want it to have anout space to put in a short sentence (it will be easier doing this than creating a bunch of individual fields especially when I need to duplicate this LOTS with conditions)

    I know you can type as much information in there as you'd like but for the person filling out the form it will be difficult because you can only see a small segment of what you've wrote.


    Y'all rock BTW.  Keep up the exceptionally outstanding work

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    Answered on September 08, 2012 at 12:00 AM


    Yes you can do this in JotForm, by injecting CSS code to stylize the matrix.

    I tried on a clone of your form. Here is the test form.

    This is the CSS code I injected:


    #id_17 .form-matrix-values {padding-left: 8px;padding-right: 8px;}

    /* 1st Column */#id_17 .form-matrix-row-headers +.form-matrix-values .form-textbox {width: 50px;}

    /* 2nd Column */#id_17 .form-matrix-row-headers +.form-matrix-values +.form-matrix-values .form-textbox {width: 50px;}

    /* 3rd Column */#id_17 form-matrix-row-headers +.form-matrix-values +.form-matrix-values +.form-matrix-values .form-textbox{width: 50px;}

    #id_18 .form-matrix-values {padding-left: 8px;padding-right: 8px;}

    /* 1st Column */#id_18.form-matrix-row-headers +.form-matrix-values .form-textbox {width: 50px;}

    #id_18 .form-matrix-column-headers{text-align:center;}

    #id_17 .form-matrix-column-headers{text-align:center;}

    The id# 17 & 18 are the 2 matrix field in your form.

    Please inform us if you have further inquiry.