Can I create different drop down options for each column in a table?

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    Asked on October 24, 2017 at 09:27 PM


    I have setup a table (screenshot included) where I require different drop down options for each column.


    'Round' needs numbers

    'Home/Away' needs Home and Away

    'Opposition' needs a list of clubs

    Can this be achieved in Jotform? If so, please indicate how.

    Many thanks,

    Mikala :)

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    Answered on October 25, 2017 at 02:13 AM

    Yes, you can do that with Input table field:

    1508911895Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 8.13

    You just set the Input type, of that field, to drop-down.

    Could that work for you?

    Please let us know.

    Thank you!

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    Answered on October 25, 2017 at 04:43 AM

    Hi Nik_C,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, however can I have different dropdown options for each column or do they have to be all the same.

    Eg.                    Very Satisfied               Satisfied

    Service Quality      YES/NO        CORRECT/INCORRECT


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    Answered on October 25, 2017 at 07:59 AM

    Please note that input table field can have same option in dropdown field. 

    I would suggest you to please add "Configurable List" widget in form which will allow you to add different dropdown options in each column. Please check the screenshot below:


    Please take a look at the follwoing demo form I created and see if this fits into your requirement:

    Feel free to clone this form for a closer look. The following guide should help you in form cloning: 

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    Answered on October 25, 2017 at 07:25 PM

    Thanks so much Ashwin.

    I have attached a screenshot of our table, just want to know if we can change the static text under request priority to 1, 2, 3, 4 etc down the page instead of only having each row as 1.



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    Answered on October 25, 2017 at 11:57 PM

    Also aswell as the above question, looking at the below image, can I filter my dropdown boxes, for example...

    If I select a specific section, in my below table, only the opposition in that section show as an option rather than all opposition from every section?


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    Answered on October 26, 2017 at 02:45 AM

    Regarding the numbers in static text, please follow:

    1) Remove number 1 from the configurable list:

    1508999039Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 8.26

    So leave the text, just remove the number 1.

    2) Copy the below CSS code to your Custom CSS of the Widget:

    #list {

    counter-reset: counter -1;


    #list tr:before {

    content: counter(counter);

    counter-increment: counter;

    display: inline-block;

    width: 30px;

    font-size: 18px;

    margin-right: -20px;

    text-align: center;


    #list tr:first-child:before {

    content: "";


    th.col1 {

        width: 70px;


    1508999128Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 8.28

    Here is how it will look like:

    1508998971Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 8.23

    Regarding the second question.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to do that in the Configurable list widget.

    But it is something that is possibly doable with Dynamics Dropdown widget:


    Could that work for you?

    Thank you!