How can I add an alert/reminder to my Autoresponder?

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    Asked on October 25, 2017 at 08:08 PM

    Hello guys,

    Is it possible to add a auto mail alert file as an attachment to an auto response email ?

    So they can add the mail alert on their phone or computer calendar.

    Thank you


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    Answered on October 26, 2017 at 02:04 AM

    Hello Shannon - I'm confused on what you meant by an email alert file. Usually, when someone says "email alert", it's an email that is sent to someone after triggering something. It's loosely related to an automated reply (or an autoresponse).

    You also mentioned "add the mail alert on their phone or computer calendar" so I guess what you meant is a reminder rather than an email alert.

    If what you need is an option to allow users to add a reminder to their calendar, we don't have that option. The only thing that you can attach on your NOTIFICATIONS and AUTORESPONDERS are actual files (like a traditional email attachment).

    As an alternative outside JotForm, have a look at and on the "Use the Add to Calendar link in an email campaign" section of that page, generate your alert/reminder then copy the HTML codes that you will then place to your Autoresponder Email Content.

    Related guide: How-to-Edit-the-Email-Template-for-Notifications-and-Autoresponders 

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    Answered on October 26, 2017 at 05:11 PM

    Hello Jim,

    You were right, I was aksing about a reminder to be auto sent.

    Thank you will check out that website.