Can we convert email template to PDF and email it?

  • dbsunset
    Answered on October 31, 2017 03:03 PM

    Hi. I've been researching my issue for going on 2 h and I'm not finding anything that addresses it, so here goes. What we want is a pdf version of the EMAIL -- the customized email notification, with all formatting (it has been created to be an automatic invoice). We would like a pdf of THIS, absolutely NOT a pdf of the actual submission form/data because the form has ridiculous headings like "The date you want on the invoice" -- to get clients to input the information correctly. Then we take that info and using the notification email create a nice-looking invoice from it. That email is great. But we would also like to have a pdf version of it -- so that clients can use that to get reimbursement. The email versions will print the email time stamp and our email addresses and other things that look bad on an invoice. The pdf would presumably only have the nice-looking invoice with our logo. Everything I've found in your support network seems to address only getting a pdf of the actual submission data/form, not the actual formatted email notifications. Is there a way to create a copy of the FORMATTED EMAIL NOTIFICATION, not the submission form/data, as a pdf? You guys are total magicians, so I'm assuming there is a way to do this... Hope so....

  • Mike
    Answered on October 31, 2017 05:25 PM

    We do not have a built-in tool that can convert the email template to the PDF.

    You may consider the following options:

    - Take a look at our submission PDF editor. The submission PDFs can be automatically emailed with form autoresponders.

    How to Customize PDF Submissions Report

    - Create PDFs using Google Spreadsheet and AutoCrat applications. (Advanced)

    How to Create a Customized PDF or Google Doc for Your Submissions

    - Populate a PDF template using WebMerge and Zapier. (Advanced)

    The scheme is: JotForm Submission > Zapier > WebMerge PDF Template

    - Use custom programming to create the PDFs and email them. We offer API and Webhooks. (Advanced)