Directing to a payment method at checkout

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    Asked on November 06, 2017 at 06:31 PM

    I want to give clients the choice of PayPal or Invoicing.

    When someone chooses PayPal they get instructions and go to PayPal.

    When they choose Invoice, they get instructions and get a Thank you.

    So, I'm not sure where I went wrong. Regardless of the choice, they both get a PayPal error message.

    I took PayPal off the original so people could continue to use it. The link is for the clone I made.

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    Answered on November 07, 2017 at 02:12 AM

    I have cloned your form named "Clone of A la Carte Catering Thanksgiving Dinner Order 2017" on my side in order to investigate it.

    I have seen that you have set a conditional logic to a single choice option in order to provide your users two options such as emailing the invoice or paying via PayPal. However, your conditional logic doesn't work properly to accomplish what you need.

    I have seen that your thank you page is being redirected to the PayPal page in every case because you have a missing statement in your conditions. Please add the following statement to your condition in order to hide PayPal payment gateway if users select invoice option:


    After, setting that condition, the form will work as you preferred. Please find the form on my side at the following URL: 

    Regarding the issue of PayPal, the error is related to PayPal, not related to us. Please contact PayPal Support for the following error:

    1510038643Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 9.54

    Thanks in advance.

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    Answered on November 07, 2017 at 09:18 AM

    Thanks for catching that. When I configure the PayPal widget, do I have to have fill in the IPN relay URL? I left it blank.

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    Answered on November 07, 2017 at 11:15 AM

    That's up to you I'm afraid, you can check more about IPN here:

    Where it says: "IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is a POST message sent by Paypal (for regular merchant accounts) whenever a transaction is completed on their side. This message contains all the data regarding the payment transaction completed by a form user"

    If you have any further questions please let us know.

    Thank you!

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    Answered on November 07, 2017 at 01:59 PM

    Nik_C thank you.


    Regarding the PayPal error message, everything I've read on the PayPal forums has to do with an update at PayPal, therefore the integrations need to be updated.

    I am not sure how to resolve the problem since the integration began on the JotForm side.

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    Answered on November 07, 2017 at 03:31 PM

    I tried checking this issue but couldn't find any related solution, since your form seems to be set up correctly. 

    Since we didn't have any similar reports at this time, could you please check with PayPal if your account is set up properly or if there is any setting in your account that could cause this issue?