How do I use different edit links showing or hide different fields at the same time?

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    Asked on November 28, 2017 at 12:00 PM

    So I have an notification email that has an edit submission link when a form has been submitted which is sent to a manager to review and approve.

    However if they decide that the submission is denied, it sends an autoresponse to the user saying that their submission has been denied and another link to edit the submission and resubmit it again.

    However if I use the edit link submission again within that email, how do I distinguish the different links so that when the user clicks on edit submission, they won't see the manager's edit link submission (which would show approval status fields)? Essentially, I just want them to see their original form with their previous filled fields.

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    Answered on November 28, 2017 at 01:30 PM

    To my understanding, you want to hide the manager's approval status fields to the users when they click the edit submissions. If yes, you can create a condition to hide fields in the edit mode by following this guide:

    You can also check our general approach for approval form on this link:

    If you're referring to a different issue, please let us know.  Thank you.