How can I allow multiple children to be registered for childcare (with a limit on the number on the number of childcare spaces available)?

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    Asked on December 05, 2017 at 05:41 PM

    I am trying to create a registration form for an event that will have childcare available.  I need to limit the number of childcare spaces available for each age group and allow parents to register multiple children.  So far I have tried the appointment slot widget and configurable list widget.  

    It appears that the appointment slot widget will not allow users to select more than one item (my items are the childcare classes: infants, toddlers, young 2's, etc).   I then tried to create one appointment slot widget for each child, but it did not seem possible to combine the data from each widget.  So that if a user registered for an infant class that had only 10 spaces available (dropping the space available to 9) then they register their second child for the infant class as well the spaces available would need to drop to 8, but if using a different widget for each child the space available would drop to 9 on both the first and second widget instead of showing 8 available.  

    Using the configurable list widget I have not been able to figure out how to limit the number of registrations available for each class.  Can you please tell me if it is possible for me to limit the number of people that can register for a class on the configurable list widget?

    If these widgets will not work for my purposes can you please advise of another option that would allow me to set up a registration where parents can register multiple children for a class and where I can limit the total number of children that can register for each specific class?

    The link to the registration form I am working on is:

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    Answered on December 05, 2017 at 07:46 PM

    You may try with the Quantity Gift Registry widget, it will allow to display options with limited selections and will also allow the users to enter the quantity they want. 

    Link here: 

    Please note that this and the widgets that you already tried are the only ones that will limit options once certain number is reached. Now, if you have more than one options the number will decrease accordingly so if users selects an option from an option 1 and option 2 then the quantity will be deducted from each option, it's not option is not possible combine both selections and subtract that from a single option.

    With the Configurable List widget will not be possible to limit the selections, you can set up only a min or may number of rows that can be added to the widget, but there is not a limit like the other widgets have. 

    I hope this helps.