Form won't send notification to 1 specific email address.

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    Asked on February 07, 2011 at 10:25 AM


    I'm having trouble getting my form to send a notification to For some reason, when I tell it to send a notification to that email, I believe it's reading that email address as instead.

    Possible reason: I recently tried switching my domain over to Google Apps instead of 1&1 (where it's currently hosted). This required changing some DNS/MX Record/Nameserver settings. I think i did something wrong, so I ended up resetting the DNS settings to the original ones.

    The weird thing is, this seems to be the only website I can pinpoint that won't send emails to For example, I tried the "Forgot Password" links that send password-reset instructions to your email, on multiple different sites. They all sent emails just fine. JotForm seems to be the only site I can't get emails from.

    I'm a web designer and JotForm hosts my main contact form, so this is a problem. I have notifications being sent to a different email address for now (which works). However, is there some way to stop JotForm from reading as A cache refresh of some sort?


    Adam Butler

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    Answered on February 07, 2011 at 08:21 PM

    This seems to be fixed now. Thanks!

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    Answered on February 08, 2011 at 04:36 AM

    Yes, DNS change might take upto a day and during this time, some emails might go to your old email server.