How to add the name of the person in the email alert?

  • SarahLee1302
    Asked on January 09, 2018 05:28 AM

    Is it possible for the auto email response be personalised to include the name of the person that fill in the jotform.

  • liyam
    Replied on January 09, 2018 07:58 AM

    Yes, this is possible. You will notice in the body of your email alerts are texts enclosed with { and }. These are template variables which will be replaced by the values from the information submitted to your form. Provided that you have your field assigned for getting names of persons filling up the form, what you just need to do is find the one for the name and use it either for the sender name, paste it on the subject line, or place it somewhere within the body

    Here is an example:

    In my form there are the fields name and email

    15155023632018 01 09 2052 Screenshot 10

    When we go to the email notification settings, you will see on the Sender Name setting under Recipients tab where you can change it to Name, rather than JotForm.

    15155024642018 01 09 2053 Screenshot 21

    If you would like to add the name on the subject line, or anywhere, you will see the template variable such as {name} (it may come as different depending on the label that you used) and place it in your subject line or anywhere where you can paste the text

    15155026532018 01 09 2055 Screenshot 32

    If you have other questions or if I am misunderstanding your concern, please let us know.