Address field: Implementing improvements when it comes to Country/State selection

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    Asked on January 19, 2018 at 04:10 AM

    1) Give users the option to custom populate the country list.

    This would really help, especially because your default country list includes a number of weird, non-ISO 3166 spellings and anomalies. For example, you include disputed territories like Somaliland, Transnistria, Northern Cyprus, South Ossetia, and Nagorno-Karabakh.

    Those are all really touchy to include in a country list. The government of Azerbaijan already asked one of your clients to remove Nagorno-Karabakh (See

    Last week, this stuff became drop-dead serious, as China castigated Marriott Hotels, Delta Airlines, Zara, and Medtronic for including Taiwan in a web form country list--and even shut down the Marriott website for a week over it! (At least you don't include Tibet in your list.) and...

    Wonder if any of them use JotForm :)


    2) Give users the option to custom populate the state / province / territory list for a given country.

    You've decided to put Puerto Rico in the country list and not in the US state list. True, PR isn't a state, but it certainly is a US territory. (Though after Trump's response to Hurricane Maria, one might wonder.)

    I realize ISO 3166-1 lists country codes for US territories and possessions, but they're also listed along with states in ISO 3166-2. Your users need the option to decide.


    3) Allow the state / province / territory list to appear when certain countries are selected.

    Several countries other than the US require mailing addresses to include first-level administrative subdivisions (like state), including Canada, Brazil, Australia, and more. The user should be able to build a form to make those options appear when those countries are chosen.

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    Answered on January 19, 2018 at 04:22 AM

    Thank you very much for this feedback, we appreciate that.

    I will forward this to our backend team for additional checking and possible implementation of the country list states that you mentioned.

    We will keep you posted via this thread.