How To Contact Gmail Toll free Helpline Number When Gmail Not Syncing

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    Asked on January 23, 2018 at 07:52 AM
    Solution for “Gmail is not syncing” issue.

    Gmail is an email service provider with the majority of online mailing service users in the world. These days, people who are running their online business, most of them use Gmail for the official dealing of their services. Gmail is popular as they provide the best and attractive features which no other email provider could have provided by now.

    As we all know emailing  is based on servers and they may fluctuate any time but it happens very rarely. Due to this fluctuation, Gmail services may get interrupted, and we straightaway call Gmail toll free number to rectify the situation and continue to use Gmail services. But sometimes, it takes more time to get connected to someone who could really help us in this.

    Nowadays, the biggest problem Gmail users are getting is “Gmail is not syncing” which is not a very huge problem and can be solved easily. We just need to check and change a couple of settings in Gmail or it may happens due to the older version of app which means the app is not updated. The reason could also be the android version is not up to date or problem with inconsistent internet connection. For this any user may call Gmail helpline number. One of the representatives sitting the other side of the phone line will provide you the best possible solution. But you can also fix this error yourself.

    Follow the steps mentioned below to fix sync errors. Following are some issues which occur due to not syncing of Gmail.

    Unable to send email.

    Email is stuck in outgoing folder.

    Not receiving emails.

    Error message "Account not synced".

    Gmail app is running slow.

    Not getting new email notifications.

    Here are the steps to fix this problem. After you try each step, you may check to see if the problem is fixed. If not, you may call on gmail contact number and get help. Or you can try some more ways to fix this.

    Update your Gmail app.

    This will fix most of the problems as the updates carry new settings and features along with removal of bugs.

    Restart your device

    Restarting your device, shuts down unnecessary apps and background processes which may stop Gmail from working finely.

    Check your settings

    Check if your internet is working fine, make sure you are using other internet based apps which are working fine. Now turn off your internet and turn it back on. This way internet settings will be refreshed.

    Turn off Airplane mode

    Go to settings.

    Tap on Network & Internet.

    Turn off Airplane mode.

    Whenever you get any issue, Gmail phone number is right there to call and getting help from google is always a good idea. People trust Gmail customer service as they are using their product and expect perfect solution from them. The last way you can try before calling them is as follows.

    Check Gmail sync settings.

    Launch Gmail app.

    Tap on Settings.

    Tap on your account.

    The box next to "Sync Gmail" should be checked.