Do you offer forms that can be saved for later completion?

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    Asked on January 26, 2018 at 04:12 PM

    We are looking for an option for a form to be filled out in stages. If the person completing the form wishes to save progress and return later to complete they could.

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    Answered on January 26, 2018 at 05:22 PM

    You have 2 choices on how you want to approach this:

    1. Browser-based method

    Easy to setup, but relies on the Browser's Local Storage. It's also commonly known as Autofill.

    Meaning, if a user started filling out your form using Chrome, left their desktop/laptop, went back and re-opened the form on a different browser, then their progress is lost. Using that same Chrome browser again would allow them to continue where they left off.

    Complete guide: How-to-Enable-Auto-Fill-on-Forms

    2. Session parameter method

    A bit complicated setup since it requires 2 forms to work.

    FORM 1: The first form where the user will need to fill out the name and email field. The session URL will be created here and the email field will be used as the session ID.

    FORM 2 (Main Form): This is the main form where all the necessary and important fields will be collected. The main form needs to have PAGE BREAKS. The progress on each page will only be saved when the "Next" and "Back" buttons are clicked.

    Complete guide: How-to-Save-Forms-and-Continue-Later 

    Have a look at the guides above and decide which better suits your needs.