Image field > Archive tab: Some images are missing

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    Asked on February 01, 2018 at 12:55 AM

    About 90% of my archive images have gone missing, there is a large blank space instead.

    Tried logging out and logging in again, also cleared the cache, that did not bring them back.

    What has happened and can you fix?

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    Answered on February 01, 2018 at 04:56 AM

    Are you referring to Archived images that are stored in the Image field in Archive tab?

    I checked on my account and I can also see a blank space there.


    It seems that .png images are missing. I will report this issue to our developers and we will inform you via this thread once this issue is resolved. 

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    Answered on February 01, 2018 at 10:36 AM

    Thank you for informing, it looks like we have a problem with spaces in uploaded file names. We've fixed this issue now, but for older files, you should re-upload the file to fix it.

    If you have further issues please let us know.

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    Answered on April 16, 2018 at 06:32 PM

    Can you remove the spaces, if I delete all the archive images do they still show on the Forms regardless? 

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    Answered on April 16, 2018 at 10:24 PM

    I am afraid that we cannot remove the spaces since we do not have direct access to the files.

    It should be safe to remove the archive images. This should not affect existing images on the forms. However, just in case make sure that you have a backup of the images.