Message from JotForm that we have fields that raise suspicion of phishing activity

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    Asked on February 04, 2018 at 06:27 PM

    I sent this message a few minutes ago and checked the box requesting that this question be kept private, but am re-posting because it also says that public messages are answered more quickly.  I really need a reply from JotForm Support ASAP.  Thank you!

    Dear Support People,

    I just by chance checked my Spam folder this afternoon since on rare occasions something winds up there that is not really a spam message.  Thank heavens I did today, because I found a message from yall sent yesterday that threatens to suspend our account!  I cannot change those form field right now because we are expecting a large number of respondents to the form as currently constructed in the next 3 weeks.
    I have copied my reply to Irene below, but I really need to talk to someone to be sure our account is not suspended at this critical time for our company.  I can explain the reason we've used text fields in the places that concerned you!  Please read my email to Irene in your Support Team below and contact me ASAP.  Thank you so much!
    Hi Irene,

    Thank goodness I just happened to check my Spam folder this afternoon, as I do so only sporadically.  Please Do Not suspend our account.  I can explain.

    The Login ID and password fields are only used to help me identify who is filling out our form for which company.  There is no phishing activity involved since I only assign that information to each particular client, and it really doesn't matter to us that it's a text field.  People often mistype either the Login or password, but it's close enough that I can recognize which group they belong to.
     We are expecting an unusually large number of respondents (for us, anyway) in the next few weeks, as they are attendees at an upcoming conference with a new client. 

    I am going to go to the JotForm site immediately and try to explain this to someone through Live Chat if I can't actually talk to someone directly, but it is critical that our account not be interrupted right now.

    You can contact me at my office ____ , or on my cell phone ____ if you have questions, but please do not suspend our account until we talk.  Thank you so much for contacting me, as I didn't know we were violating any rules.



    From: Jotform Support <>
    Sent: Saturday, February 3, 2018 4:36 AM
    Subject: We’ve found several forms suspicious of phishing activity

    We apologize for the confusion, we sent you the incorrect email.We meant to say the "log in" fields in your form not  the credit card fields.

    Here's the correct email.
    We recently found several forms like these in your account which were created to collect login credentials information on plain text field. Here are the forms:
    Gathering this type of data on plain text fields will violate our Terms of use, as this is only allowed through encryption along database administration; and our forms do not provide this type of method
    We suggest to delete the log in fields in your form and refrain of making new fields like that, otherwise, we will be obligated to suspend your account and cancel the subscription.
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    Answered on February 05, 2018 at 03:01 AM

    I already answered you on the other thread. To avoid confusion, we will be addressing your issue on this link:

    Thank you.