Form overlimit due to Upload Space

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    Asked on February 14, 2018 at 03:35 PM

    I am on jotform's free service. We have recently submitted roughly 500 different submissions, but then deleted 150 of them. On the page where our technicians submit their paperwork through jotform, even with 150 submission slots being opened up, we still keep getting the "form over quota" message. I need to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please either contact me at or by phone at 7574081479.

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    Answered on February 14, 2018 at 04:50 PM

    The cause of your Form Overlimit is the Upload Space reaching over the Maximum size for the FREE plan.

    You have 5gb+ worth of files but the FREE plan can only have a maximum of 100mb Upload Space

    For more information, please read the following thread about your Account Usage and Limitations

    An excerpt from that thread:

    "Upload Space (total):  This limit refers to your forms that uses a file upload field. The submissions can have file attachments on them and these files will take up the "Upload Space" limit. Note that this does not reset, this is fixed. If you wish to free up your upload space, you can delete submissions that have file uploads on them,

    but please do keep in mind that deleting submission data is irreversible and will permanently remove the data in our servers."


    If you want to backup those files first before deleting them together with the Submission data, you can use this method to get a zipped backup of all your Form Data.


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