password protect a form

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    Asked on February 25, 2018 at 04:27 PM
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    Answered on February 25, 2018 at 05:38 PM

    Unfortunately there is no direct way to add Password protect to your form. However, you can simply do this by adding a "Short Text Entry" field and Show/Hide Conditional logic.

    1. Add the "Short Text Entry" field to your form that will act as the "Password" field. On this example, we will be using the term "KEY/Code" to prevent being Autosuspended since having a Password field is prohibited in Jotform's terms.


    2. Then we can now add our Show/Hide condition. The condition will trigger to SHOW all other fields if certain "code/key" is entered on our "Short Text Entry "field.

    I have setup that the key/code to show other fields would be "secretpassword". Here is how it is set using the Show/hide condition.


    I have created a very basic sample form that will Show all fields when a code/key is typed correctly.

    Please check this form the code/key is "secretpassword".

    You can also create/enable Encrypted Form. Please check the guide and FAQ's about Encrypted Forms on the following link

    Hope I was able to help you.