Jotform saying i need to upgrade when i am on gold membership

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    Asked on March 12, 2018 at 03:53 PM

    Hi There,

    I set up one of your forms a few weeks ago, Its purpose is so that people can order their DVD's/Videos of a dance show that I filmed last week. Today i woke up to an email saying the form had been disabled and this is really not good, as this is my only form of being paid from this show is via these video sales. 
    The email states i need to upgrade my account even though I'm already on the GOLD membership which i paid last week and i have a screenshot of the email.
    I think i have figured out the issue over the last few hours, however i desperately need your help in fixing it, this would be easier to explain over the phone but here goes..
    I initially set the form up under the free account under the email Then upon being notified i had filled up all of 3 orders that the free one would allow me to do, I then upgraded the account but it asked me to create a new account, and i created that under the email production company name)
    even though they were separate accounts, the order form became active again, so i thought it was fine and had been moved to my new account, but now its stating its filled up again and when checking my oasis creative account its showing that ive no submissions or orders or anything, not even the form is coming up!
    Basically... what i need doing is moving this old form from the account under, to the account under 
    but i need this original form to be active again because its been sent out to 4000 people (on print outs and online) who may want to buy the videos 
    Here's the actual form link even though it is disabled:
    I need this abled again and switched the the oasis creative account ASAP, sorry for being so forward about it but i am paying for this gold service and somewhere along the line this form has been placed somewhere it shouldn't, so please, help me!!
    James Nilson
    Oasis Creative Director
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    Answered on March 12, 2018 at 04:43 PM

    This is a duplicate thread, please follow this link to your original post.

    My colleague have answered your question already in that thread.

    Thank you.