Feature Request: Can you add E-MailFrom, E-MailTo, E-MailCC, E-MailBCC?

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    Asked on October 25, 2012 at 11:28 AM

    Designating a Send To e-mail recipient based on a form field is not as easily accomplished as it should be.  The Send From E-Mail is easy.  I would please like to suggest that you simplify the E-Mail by making it work similar to Microsoft Outlook.

    Anytime you want to have more than one e-mail address on a form you have to go through convoluted non-intuitive steps to differentiate between the From E-mail address and a To E-mail address.

    Instead of just having a E-Mail type field, I think it would be much easier and quicker to have:





    Also, the Reply-To and Recipient configuration should always allow a form field - not just a hard coded e-mail address such as tomjones@somegcompany.com.


    P.S. It would also be nice if form Text Areas could be form field that could be placed on the Reply-to configuration form.  Make it easy as easy to add these as any other form element.