New Form Layout: Stripe form in Live Mode is not triggering error message on review before submit when test CC number is used

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    Asked on March 26, 2018 at 10:09 AM

    I am re-posting this to the general JotForm community to see if anyone else has run into this as well.  We have sent this to JotForm as a private question (as of last December!!!) and we are still waiting for this simple fix to be implemented.  We are happy JotForm users but this is trying our patience which is unfortunate as we are having to deal with this with our users with our support team.  

    ---below are the details we have sent to JotForm support---

    We are using the Stripe control for collecting payments.  We just switched our Stripe controls to use the Live Stripe environment away from their test environment. Our form has the review on submit enabled.

    In our testing of validation of credit cards in this production form, the review page is not displaying the error message or displaying any red indicators when there is an error (any error) with any data entered in the Stripe control.  This is easy to test using one of the valid test credit numbers. 

    The issue is when we hit submit from the review page with an incorrect credit card number (we used the valid test # 4111111111111111) the submit button goes quickly from a processing back to submit with no error message or red highlight to the review page. So as a user you don’t know what is wrong. If you click the go back to form button you will see the pearl for our stripe control has turned red (from green) but still no error message.

    If you then click on the red pearl and go into the stripe control you will see which field is red. By clicking the expand form icon you will finally see the actual error message which in our scenario here says payment failed due to the use of a valid test credit card number (Which is good).

    So the issue is a user experience one. The user does not know what the problem is on the review and submit page. When we have the Stripe control in test mode, the general error message at least shows up on the review and submit page.

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    Answered on March 26, 2018 at 11:56 AM

    I have checked your previous thread and see that it has already been forwarded to our backend team for investigation. If we have any news in this regard, we'll update you on the other thread.