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    Gary L. Zillich
    Asked on March 26, 2018 at 01:15 PM

    To whom it may concern:  We have been using your format for about four or five years.

    Changes that have been made to your program has caused some questions while using the most important document we use our regular basis.

    The document in question may be listed under our old webpage and email address: /  huntclubrealty .

    The document in question is known as our Rental Application. We have used is this document for numerous years and it is posted on our webpage using the Weebly site. After opening the site, you will find your form posted at numerous locations. The potential applicant simply fills in the blanks and pushes the button. The application arrives in our email.

    This is now the location of the problem. When reviewing the a Rental Application, either online or in print form, we can only see the lines which were completed, not the entire document. The applicant, many times, will only provide us with some of the information requested. Without the ability to see the entire document, it is difficult to determine what the applicant is not providing. 

    Over the last several years we always were able to see the entire document when it was returned via email. This allowed us to determine what was missing in the way of important information. This also allowed us to print a copy of the entire document showing us exactly what lines of information we're missing. The incomplete document allowed us to make a call to the prospective applicant and ask the important questions via the phone. 

    We are currently faced with returning an email response telling the prospective customer that they must fill-out the entire document or we simply tell them that their application is insufficient. This is not a good Business Practice.

    My question is very simple. Can this problem be resolved?

    Secondly I am now concerned about the lack of telephone support. The old webpage we were using called Jimdo, removed the telephone support and moved to an online support only. Sense our webpage is critical to our Business it is vitally important that we keep it running all the times. It only took one bad experience before we realized that we could not do business without telephone support. As a result we've moved our webpage to a webpage provider that has telephone support. 

    Looking forward to your reply


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    Answered on March 26, 2018 at 02:23 PM

    You can resolve this problem by going to your forms email settings. And on the advanced tab, disable the "Hide empty fields" option.

    For example: