How can I show sub-totals in the order tool?

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    Asked on October 29, 2012 at 10:15 AM


    Is it possible to combine "purchase of order" in advanced/quick tools (which displays the total amount payable) with the display of a deposit (booking account) depending on the quantities ordered?
    In fact, I'm building a form to register for technical training.

    I would like to give the total cost of training aplied for AND the total cost of booking amounts required for.


    Qty controlled - Cost for 1 Training              2 - 690 €
    Total Ordered:                                             1380 €

    Qty deposit - deposit amount(s)                 2-390 €
    Total cost for your deposit(s):                       780 €

    Currently, if I used the order you made, I can create
    Product 1 =   Training Amount 1 + Quantity

                        Training Amount 2 + Quantity

      Product 2 =   Booking Amount 1 - Qty
                        Booking Amount 2 - Qty

    But actually, the problem is that, by this way,  the total amount will concern Total ((amount 1+2)*Qty)) of Product1+ Product 2 - and this is not in fact the information required (a pre-booking amount must be subtracted and not added from the total cost) 

    The simplest (for me) would be for you to give the possibility to create more than just an order tool, From the advanced tool "order. It could be like:
    Advanced Order Tool 1- Total product ordered in this section = X €
    Advanced Order Tool 2 - Total product ordered in this section = X €

    And why not at the end, Total of all advances orders used in this form ^^

    Another easiest way may be to just add the possibility to create one advanced tool like:
    Custom field
            - custom field        -  Custom field               -  Auto field

    Product name L1 - Qty L1                  - Amount for 1 unit       - Total L1 (qty*amount)

    different tool :

    Product name L2 - Qty L2                  - Amount L2                  - Total L2

    different tool :

    Product name L3 - Qty L3                  - Amount L3                  - Total L3

    With the same possibility as in order tools to have option like quantity, properties for products created.

    All lines should be independent – in this example it looks like I’ve created 3 lines using 3 different tools.

    And why not add the possibility to add Lines as we want:

    Show total lines for L1 and L3 or/and  total lines L2+L3+L4 etc…



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    Answered on October 29, 2012 at 01:39 PM

    Unfortunately, the only way you can accomplish what you have described is by getting the full source code of the form and then apply some javascript programming to it by yourself or hiring a programmer. 

    There is actually an open ticket with this feature request, however, our Developers workload is based on priorities. If we see an increasing number of people requesting the same feature, they probably will assign a higher priority. Bu I cannot assure anything to you.