Input table: How to uncheck single choice option?

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    Asked on March 29, 2018 at 01:04 AM


    Input table - Question : Garment Size ( Only one answer required)

    If client selects incorrect button and then wants to amend before submitting form, they cannot turn off the incorrect button. If client goes BACK and then NEXT, the buttons remain selected.

    How can I fix this - only one check box is valid for this question. As we all know, clients will always make typos inadvertently.


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    Answered on March 29, 2018 at 08:29 AM

    Unfortunately, this isn't possible with input table element as it requires some conditions. You will have to select the other choice instead to unselect the current one. 

    This is how the Single Choice (Radio option button) field work. The functionality you described is actually that of the Multiple Choice(Checkbox) field.

    I would like to recommend you to change the input type from radio button to checkbox.