Is there a dropdown like field where the items can be limited

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    Asked on April 05, 2018 at 06:32 PM



    Is there a way to limit to limit the number of entries in a drop down field. I have looked at the Gift Registry Widget and want something similiar but in a drop down.

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    Answered on April 05, 2018 at 06:41 PM

    You can try the Inventory widget:

    Follow this guide to add a widget to your existing form: 

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    Answered on April 05, 2018 at 06:56 PM

    ive tried that, i dont like that either.

    Im trying to arrange a class booking schedule. I have 56 classes each with 1 per month so trying to put up a schedule for the next year is just not working. maybe there is a calendar widget that will allow for something like this

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    Answered on April 05, 2018 at 08:25 PM

    I am not sure if this might help, but we also have a MultiSelect Grid widget.

    There is also a Date Reservation widget. Unfortunately, that widget is not flexible, each date can be selected only once, and you cannot disable custom dates.