Is there a way to have our submitted forms go to 2 email addresses?

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    Asked on November 09, 2012 at 04:27 PM

    I tried adding a second email address in "Email Alerts" by putting a comma between the 2 email addresses.

    Then I tried sending a test email and it only went to the original email address (but not to the second one I added).

    When I went back to check the settings in "Email Alerts", the second email address was gone. 

    We need the filled out forms to go to me and to my supervisor so that there is a "paper trail" of our activity. Please tell me how we can do this.

    Thanks and have a great day!



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    Answered on November 09, 2012 at 05:22 PM

    Yes there is a way to do all of this and it sounds like you didn't click the " Finish " button in your email notification to finalize it when you created it. It is also possible that you didnt save the form right after doing so either as that could cause it to not show up either incase you exited shortly afterwards and the autosave didnt catch it right away. 

    I would also recommend that you read these 3 tutorials to help you get the hang of it better:





    If you need further assistance or if you have more questions just let us know.