Prepopulate 1 form from another form

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    Asked on November 29, 2012 at 11:09 PM

    Hi - I hope you are well! I am new to Jotform, and have limited programming skills. First, I want to tell you that I love the site, and your service is great --- you have a great tech staff! Here is my question.

    1. I am having problems creating prepopulated fields.

    2. I currently have 2 forms that I will refer to as "Form 1" and "Main Form" 

    "Form #1" is at

    "Main Form" at

    3) As you can see, "Form #1" is a simple signup form with just 4 or 5 lines. After a user hits "Submit". I want to take them to a new page "Main Form" with more questions for them to fill in. I would like 2 fields - the Email Field, and the Store Name field - on "Main Form" to be prepopulated with information from Form #1.

    I created that action by going into "Thank You" and selecting option 2 "Custom URL". In the custom URL, I redirected them to my new landing page (  where the "Main Form" is located.

    4) Inside "Main Form", I wanted the "Confirm Email Address" {1Confirm} box to prepopulate from "Form #1" {email19} so I wrote the following code:

    <?php require 'header.html'; ?></div>

    <!-- title -->

    <br /> <div class="heading">About</div>


    <div class="inner-text"><script type="text/javascript" src="//{email19}"></script>

    5) The new form is not prepopulating.. It actually just writes out {email19} instead. Can you help me figure out what I did wrong?
    6) Also, If I want to prepopulate 2 different fields, how do I do that in the URL pattern?
    Thank you!