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    Asked on August 04, 2018 at 07:57 PM


    Can I connect two forms?

    I my question I need connect two forms.

    I need this.

    1. Enter in the first form (Form A).

    2. Identify myself

    3. Select a combined option (city-city-time) inside anouther form (Information included in Form B).

    4. Write the customer data (Form A).

    5. Finish the work (price, payment, etc) (Form A).

    I need to separate the combined option in a separete form. Point number 3. When I fill the form during the work I need to stay inside always the form A and use the form B only to choose the options write inside that.

    Is it possible this?



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    Answered on August 04, 2018 at 10:40 PM

    Hi Davie, from what I understood from your description, you need to add a form within a form rather than pass data between two form, in a way that Form B will be added in the middle of form A. You can achieve this by adding the IFrame Widget to Form A and embedding form B inside this widget. The image below describes this procedure:


    You can clone this form in the link below:

    Form A: (Clone this form)

    Form B: (No need to clone this form)

    Contact us if you need any assistance,