Dynamic QR Code widget not compatible with Unique ID widget

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    Asked on August 18, 2018 at 02:32 AM

    I would like to use the Dynamic QR Code Widget show a QR code from multiple fields to include Name field and Unique ID Widget, however, I can't get any information from the Unique ID Widget.

    Can anyone help with this?

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    Answered on August 18, 2018 at 07:15 AM

    The autoincrement Unique ID value is generated upon submission, so it will not work with the Dynamic QR Code widget.

    You may consider using a Random Value Generator widget instead. It should be compatible with the Dynamic QR Code widget.

    If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

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    Answered on August 18, 2018 at 07:00 PM

    Thank you for the information on the mechanics of the widget. That makes sense now. I can't copy a value that doesn't exist yet.

    Yes, the Random Value Generator was my second choice, I'll use that. 

    Again, thanks and thank you for your quick reply.