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    Asked on December 18, 2012 at 04:04 PM

    You guys have a problem with the forms being unstable.  I see other people are experiencing the same problem of their skins/themes/backgrounds disappearing.  Tech support has told me that it is a script conflict which it is not.  The only code I have on the site, other than html, is a simple image preload javascript script.  However, giving you guys the benefit of the doubt, I removed this script, cleared the cache/cookies and refreshed the page - no change!  If it had been a script conflict, which I knew it wasn't, this would have eliminated the problem.  Tech support also suggested that I use an iframe to solve the problem.  Two things here:  first, this would only solve a script conflict which I proved it was not.  Secondly, if you are using expanding forms, an iframe is impractical.  I would have to leave room for all of the forms (4 very long forms) at full expansion making the page obnoxiously long which is why we are using the expandable forms in the first place.  Jotform really needs to correctly identify the problem and correct it or you will lose us, and probably others, as customers.  Please don't respond saying it's working now or that it was a browser or computer issue.  The skin was not visible on any browser (Google, IE, Firefox, Safari) or on any computer (PC and Mac).  Also, it is not a loading issue because the skin dissappeared sometime yesterday (or before) and it was still not visible this morning.

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    Answered on December 18, 2012 at 05:23 PM


    I am not really sure which appropriate response I can give you. As you have mentioned -- I can see the form just fine on my end. 

    As most things are, we always give the best on what we do and only continue to improve going forward. And responding to your inquiry/questions/statements is one of our ways of giving the service. I understand the frustrations if you are having issue on your end.

    Although I cannot reproduce the issue you mentioned at this time (see image below for confirmation), one thing I can also suggest is to standardize the doctype declaration on your web page where the form is embedded. You can check details about it here and here too.

    The document type declaration is an important information for web pages for it to better understand the content/tools it has.

    Hope this help. Please feel free to contact us anytime for your other inquiry.