How to use JotForm using new Facebook Developer application

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    Asked on March 04, 2011 at 10:46 AM

    For those of you wondering, it IS possible to use a form through the new developer tool. A few key points to note:

    1. You have to go through the developer application/page on Facebook (

    2. Your form has to be secure

    3. You have to be a verified developer

    4. When you create the application you are required to enter a URL for a Privacy Policy - if you don't have one your application will not work.

    5. When you go to the "Website" tab it asks for the site URL - enter the domain displayed in the source code window, minus the extra HTML tags ( -- xxxxxxx= form number)

    6. You MUST put a "/" at the end of the address, Facebook is looking for a folder, without the ending / FB will not accept the URL

    7. On the "Facebook Integration" tab there are several settings you have to enter:

      a. Canvas Page - enter a unique folder name for the application to be in, naming is up to you, limited to 20 char.

      b. Canvas URL - this is the same URL from #5 above, again, you must put a "/" at the end of the URL

      c. Secure Canvas URL - same as b

      d. Tab URL - I'll get back to this step

    8. Once you have entered this information save your changes. This will take you to an information page, you want to go to the "Application Profile Page."

    9. On the "Application Profile Page" on the left-hand side of the page you will have the option to "Add to my page." Select this and then select the Page you want to add the form to.

    10. Go to your FB page, and then to "Edit Info," and then to "Apps" - from within Apps you should now see the application form you created.

    11. Select "Go to App" from below the application listing on the page. This will display the app with the form. Look at the Address Bar, you'll see the URL where the application lives on FB. IMPORTANT, copy the file extension, only the information AFTER " PAGE NAME/" it should start with a ?. This information is what you need for the Tab URL back on the developer page.

    12. Take the address copied in step 11, and go back to the developer page, into the "Facebook Integration" tab and paste it into the area at the bottom of the page called "Tab URL"

    13. Go back to your page in FB, edit info, apps - find your application. Select "Edit Settings" and choose "Add." This is also where you can enter the name you want displayed for the application.

    Your form SHOULD work now on your page. Good luck!