Changing the values on an input table after a given date

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    Asked on November 18, 2018 at 03:04 PM

    Hi. I am working on a registration form and after a given registration date i.e. 31Mar2019 I need to increase the delegate cost by £4 to £38.

    Is it possible to change the option values using logic. from:-






    Irvin Metcalf

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    Answered on November 18, 2018 at 06:26 PM

    What you are trying to accomplish is possible with the help of conditions.

    I have checked how your form is set up and I understand that you are inserting the calculation value of the Delegate column of the Event Selection into the "DelReg" form calculation widget to get an average.

    To get a different value based on the current date, you first need to add a Date Field in your form and set its "Default Date" to "Current".


    Also, please set the calculation value to 34,10,23,35 as the base value.


    After that, add a Form Calculation widget to get the Sub-total (base) for the delegates selected.


    You also need to include 2 additional Number fields in your form.


    The value of the (1) Sub-total(after a specific date) Number field is based on the value in the Sub-total (base) and you will create these 3 conditions in your form.

    If Sub-total (base) value is equal to 34, add 4 to it and put the total in the Sub-total(after a specific date) Number field.

    If Sub-total (base) value is equal to 68, add 8 to it and put the total in the Sub-total(after a specific date) Number field.

    If Sub-total (base) value is equal to 102add a 12 to it and put the total in the Sub-total(after a specific date) Number field.



    As for the value of the (2) Total field, it is based on the value of the Date Field that is set to have the current date. You will add the following conditions to your form.


    Once you've done all that, use the new Total field in the DelReg Form Calculation widget in your form.


    And, hide the unnecessary fields in your form. How-to-Hide-Form-Fields

    Here's a clone version of your form where I have applied the changes above —