Please reinstate my account - I think it was autosuspended because I allowed Google to autosave password

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    Asked on November 19, 2018 at 11:09 AM

    Hi there,

    I've been trying to use Jotform which comes highly recommended by various people, but found myself dumped out of my account repeatedly and then got the message "Login failed - AUTOSUSPENDED"

    Googling I came across this thread:

    Which suggests this is due to me allowing Google to save the username and password info for easier login. I understand using Google password forms is against your terms of use? 

    I've since removed the saved password form from Chrome, so I'm hoping you can reinstate my accounts. 

    I had two accounts - for and 

    Please let me know if / when reinstated. 


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    Answered on November 19, 2018 at 12:26 PM

    Your account has been suspended due to the field asking for username and password, note that asking for this information goes against our terms even though you're not using your forms for phishing purposes. 

    Please check our terms in order to know why your account can be suspended: 

    Here's a screenshot of the guilty fields on your form: 


    I have deleted the guilty field from your form in order to reactivate your account, if you have questions, let us know.