Clarification on "Save to Continue Later" Feature

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    Asked on January 16, 2013 at 02:07 AM

    3 Questions

    Q1. Sorry to be a ditz but can you explain the difference between a & b??

    Q2. The b) option is not ideal (goog work around and better than nothing) however it would be great to have a solutions that didn't first need the user to complete their name and email address first each time?? Would be cool if after or mid completion they could click a 'Save & Return Later' button that then go them to enter their email and sent them an email to a link - any chance of that being able to happen?

    Q3. I'm customising each form for each client so they can reuse it. If we are using method b) does that mean that we will need to create a 'First Form' for each custom main form because we need to route the main form back through the 'First Form' or am I 'missing something and there is another way to be able to create the one 'First Form' and use it for all 'Main Forms'

    Cheers & Thanks 


    a) How to Let Users Update Their Form Submissions at a Later Date

    Last Update: May 30, 2012

    You can let users update an entry on a later date. That's possible on the new version of JotForm. To do that, first create an auto-responder email. Then add {edit_link} tag to the body of the email. You may also create a clickable edit link for your autoresponder.

    When a user submits the form they will receive a confirmation email and it will contain a link to the pre-filled form. Then they can update their entry.


     b) How to Save Forms to Continue Later

    Last Update: January 1, 2013

    Got Lots of Form Pages? Make JotForm Save Submissions on Each Page 

    Let's say that you have a survey which includes over 10 pages. 

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    Answered on January 16, 2013 at 05:01 AM


    Unfortunately that's how Save and Continue Later works for now. There's no other workaround for saving form other than that. However, we are going to improve the saving form feature in a not too distant future but we just can't provide any ETA to when. But once it'll be released, you'll be surely notified about it.


    Yes, you can actually create a single form which will serve as the first form and put all the main form links on the notification email appended with ?session={email}. e.g.{email}{email}{email}

    Take note that they are 3 separate forms, all you have to do is to append the session parameter on them.

    Let us know if you have further questions or I have missed something. Thanks!

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    Answered on February 13, 2013 at 02:25 AM

    Hi idarktech,

    Sorry you didn't seem to answer my questions or I've misunderstood.

    Q1. Can you explain the difference between a & b??

     Additonal Questions;

    New Q.4 The a) How to Let Users Update Their Form Submissions at a Later Date. Does this not/no longer work?  It does say deprecated so does that mean not longer works???

    New Q.5. How do we do it so that jotform can save the info completed and then retrieve it when the user accesses the form again (be it by emailed link etc) and the info they've already filled out prepopulates???

    New Q 6. Re: your response to my Q3. Not sure I'm clear on your instructions. My understanding is that the user fills the first form out first and then it takes them to the main form. If we have one first first form to many main forms, how does the initial first form know what main form to attach itself to??

    Either way. I want to be able to have my clients save what they have and be able to come back later and jotform autofill the info they have already submitted. Please help - nothing seems to be working.

    Need a solution(s) that works :-)

    Cheers & Thanks


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    Answered on February 13, 2013 at 08:57 AM

    Hi Annie,

    Q1. The difference between them is that (a) How to Save Forms to Continue Later uses {edit_link} tag which can be added on the autoresponder/notification email. When the user submits the form, he'd be able to received an autoresponder message containing the edit link. Clicking that link will open up the form with the users data being prepopulated. When the user edited that data and re-submit the form again, the previous data will be updated. While (b) How to Save Forms to Continue Later uses ?session={email}, this is completely different from (a) since the form data here is not yet submitted but it is saved temporarily on JotForm server. Once the user continue the previous filled data on the form and submits it, the session data will be deleted from the server since the data has been submitted already. Example, the user fills the half part of the form today and decided to continue and submit the form on the next day. By visiting the session form URL, the user will be able to continue to fill the form without losing it's previous data entered on the form fields. I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Q.4. That guide is deprecated since {edit_link} is made clickable or hyperlinked ready. There's no need for manually hyperlinking the edit URL anymore. Here's the right one: How to Let Users Update Their Form Submissions at a Later Date

    Q.5. You should probably try and make a test to be able to find out how it works. I believed you are talking abou this: How to Let Users Update Their Form Submissions at a Later Date

    Q.6. Thanks for the clarification. My previous solution was about to send all the main forms all at once to the user who fills the first form. Unfortunately what you want to achieve is not yet possible. My suggestion is to create each "first form" for each "main form", though it would be a bit labor intensive.

    Thank you!