Can I pull submission data into my database?

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    Asked on March 11, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    Hi Jotform Team,

    Can I accomplish this with JotForm...?

    I am trying to create an Admissions Application/Registration system with an application form containing 10 Sections as demonstrated with the structure I have created here:

    Users will securely fill out and submit sections as and when they have the information, so they should be able to log back in to continue filling the form when they obtain extra information (such as waiting for medical results or recommendation letters, etc), or even just to be able to view/print their applications. This is because certain information is more pressing for the admission process than others.

    Also, I want to be able to pull the submitted info into reports for the administrators to be able to track how many total submissions are in, how many hispanics, how many non-hispanics, how many registered for course X, etc. I am just a little pressed for time to code the system myself in php, so I thought I'd take advantage of your great forms to make my life a little easier.

    One point I couldn't locate in your FAQs is whether there is a time limit to how long submitted data is kept on your servers? (Another reason I thought maybe I better have the data going into my database as well.)

    If I have the data in my database I would set up master/detail viewing pages for administration to generate their reports. Or can I set up access for 2-3 users who can log in and manage their reports?

    One last thing: is it possible to generate forms by submitting URLs to the existing forms I've created, or by uploading the html pages, or copying+pasting...or do I have to re-create all those forms and fields in Jotform (eeek!)

    Am I going about this the right way or will this complicate issues?

    Thanks for your help and any suggestions. And thanks for the awesome tool!
    Best regards,
    Sarah Ashley.

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    Answered on March 12, 2011 at 01:45 AM


    There are different ways how to accomplish the get the submission data to have it inserted to your database:

    A. You can download the CSV version of your report and have it uploaded to your database
    B.  You can have an option to have post submission to your custom thank-you page and what you need to do is collect that post data and create your sql insert query.

    We can explain more details about this if you wish to push with your development.

    What Jotform cannot do is update the information once the form gets submitted.  But you can create separate forms for each, have each form its custom thank you page with the same process as option B above.

    To achieve a separate forms approach, Jotform can accept GET URL parameters to prepopulate its form.  You can have your logged in user's session username or user ID passed to the form and add it in a hidden field (it's called a Hidden box under Power Tools here in jotform)


    This way, when submitting the form you may have an indication who the applicant is and you can later on link the username or id to the other form records.

    Or you can simply get the source code, place it on your website, then use the PHP code for session variable and place it inside the value of the hidden box.

    How long will submissions last in Jotform Database?

    We don't delete records.  It stays there until you delete them yourself. 


    There are seven (7) different types of reports that can be created in Jotform

    1. Excel report
    2. CSV report
    3. Grid listing report (web browser based excel-like function that cannot be edited)
    4. HTML table listing report (with sorting functions)
    5. Calendar Listing report (this only shows up when a form has a calendar field)
    6. RSS listing report
    7. Visual Builder report (If you wish your report to have graphs, you can have your statistical reports here)

    Access of records

    You cannot create a multi-level access for your account.  Although you can have your reports be password protected if you wish for it to be restricted.

    Generating of forms

    You can import your forms from what you have created. Although the labels like "First Name" in your form will be replaced by "fname" as this is the property name embedded in your original form field.  You can just customize them and change their label names to the most appropriate name that you like.

    My Advice

    For a programmer, for quick solutions this may be your tool and you can continue with your development as you go along, as creating forms and reports really take a while to develop. 

    Other developers out there may agree or disagree with me..

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    Answered on March 12, 2011 at 09:26 AM

    Thanks for all the great tips, liyam!

    I will digest the information and try a few options to see what jives best for me in this current project. I appreciate your help.

    Best regards.