what do i have to do to get your services back ??

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    Asked on January 31, 2013 at 10:35 PM

      you all ready have me on file would want the same thing!!  nothinged !!    what plan did i have for i never had to pay anyone a check every month!!   maybe it came with the package with th web company !!  i don't know!!  would like to talk to some one this righe here has taken me 15 min. to type!!  i can talk as lot faster , and maybe sign up again!!  thanks!!  i did love what you offered!!  you say uour company started 6 yrs. ago , thep i must of started your program right after you started business with jotform!!   i believe thats is how long i had your services , you will have to let me know!!  you see the file i sent you that people fill out for training , and i liked it for you know what to look for , you knew it was for dog training !!   when you saw jotform , in your email!!  call me , and an old timer might want to come back , for my new web desingers , i'm not quite sure what they have maybe you can hook up with them  for their sites , i already emailed them a form of yours to them !!  1/31/13   call me then i will see what you have to say !!   a want to come back old timer !!  for i had you for a long time!!  we will see how you respond i'm now over 45 nin. to this point!   EMAIL;  info@a1totalcontrol.com        (WEBSITE)  a1totalcontrol.com   

           phone;   856-468-8040                 NAME OF BUEINESS IS;  "A1 TOTAL CONTROL DOG TRAINING academy"     

                          steve nixon!!     i don't know what to do from here , or at this point   don't know if what i put there is right  screenshot ???    tag your question ???

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    Answered on February 01, 2013 at 02:57 AM


    It is a simple way to get back using our Forms, please login using your account and start using again your form or start creating new form.

    Your username: a1totalcontrol

    Your Email Address: info@a1totalcontrol.com

    If you forgot your password, please use our "Forgot Password" tool, click on the login menu on our site and you will see this option.

    If you need further help, please do let us know.