jotforms not in outlook

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    Asked on February 02, 2013 at 06:51 AM

    Dir Sir / Madam,

    we have been going back and forth on this issue.

    we do a lot of business thru jotform and for some reason it always happens that when I change something in jotform the e-mails stop coming in.

    Al of the forms are setup in the right way. but for some reason we keep getting "blacklisted". at least that is what i think is the case. because this is always the case.


    we use different e-mail adresses for the same form. so might there be something from with this.

    the e-mail adresses used are:

    and (I do not think there's anything from with this one)


    I really hope something can be done. I like to work with jotfrom. But only when it works. not like this. because it's costing us a lot of money

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    Answered on February 02, 2013 at 08:20 AM


    I checked the mail logs for the notification email the results shows that the email was sent out,

    /var/log/jotform/amazonSES.log:[01/Feb/2013:13:40:04 -0500] 22416298585968 AmazonSES Sent email to - MessageID:0000013c970eeffb-ff090a72-df33-41ae-bcac-c0c872f88910-000000 - RequestId:cafb37a1-6c9e-11e2-903c-179e0e4fb346

    /var/log/jotform/amazonSES.log:[31/Jan/2013:14:27:15 -0500] 22113731220334 AmazonSES Sent email to - MessageID:0000013c9213c910-fd250126-9ff7-49e6-a1c4-da545d67996d-000000 - RequestId:385aad95-6bdc-11e2-9bb8-af95e10de5e5

    Have you already tried adding the IP addresses of JotForm to your mail provider's white list.

    You may also be interested in reading the following helpful information about email setup.

    How to setup email alerts to prevent "emails not being received" issues

    I also noticed that there are multiple conditions for the email notifcations please take note that if you are deleting a field which is part of a condition please also do check the condition it may have affected.

    Hope this helps, Thanks!