Feature Request: Conditions option for each form field, it should focus completely on selected form field alone.

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    Asked on February 06, 2013 at 02:52 PM

    I like that we can set up conditions, but it is kind of pain to have to actually go to the conditions tab and set it up from there, especially when you have long field titles and though none of them are the same, they can be very similar or the first 4 words are exact to another field title, the drop down selection boxes are just not wide enough to display full field titles. In my case I would like to use the same field titles as another one I have already used. I know I can do this, but when I have to set a condition for it, it is difficult to know which one I am wanting to use. Yes, I know that they are in order of the way the field is set on my form, not impossible, just difficult.

    I like that the conditions settings pops up over our forms, but I do not like the fact that I can't move that pop up to a secondary screen and then be able to scroll through my form to assist me in setting the right conditions based on what I see of my form, not just what I can partially read of my field titles.

    I am also aware that alot of us would like to be able to organize our conditions so they are placed in order of our forms. Sure this is possible if you get your conditions perfect the first time but if you have to add a condition because you missed it, well, it is placed at the bottom of the conditions stack and out of order. Again very inconvenient and as well it is extremely hard to follow when you have to scroll through all of your conditions from bottom to top. And then after you save a condition, it takes you right back to your saved conditions, which is great but dang it which one was I just working on, they all look alike? I wish the condition I was just working on was highlighed in some way.

    My suggestion is for each form field to have its own Conditions link. We already have a Delete form field link and a Properties link, why not a Conditions link that focuses completely on that form field alone?

    We can still have the Conditions link in the tool bar for those of us that like to agonize over our unorganized conditions with partially visible drop down selection boxes.

    Thank you for your time and I hope that this gets passed on to the appropriate department and the biggest of the big shots there.

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    Answered on February 06, 2013 at 03:13 PM

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

    This thread has been escalated to our Next Level Support, and we will definitely consider applying mentioned improvements once we decide to re-design the Conditions Wizard.

    We will inform you via this thread when we have any news.

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    Answered on February 08, 2013 at 10:00 AM

    I would like to inform you that we have added the following feature requests to the ticket that was escalated to our Developers. In a very short edition they are:

    1. Wider drop downs under Conditions.

    2. Pop-up based Conditions Wizard that can be moved to the separate browser tab.

    3. Drag and drop functionality and folders under Saved Conditions.

    4. Auto scroll + highlight to recently added/changed field.

    5. Conditions link for each form field.

    We can not provide any ETA at this time, but we will keep you updated.