HIPAA Compliance Questions

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    Asked on March 21, 2019 at 01:47 PM

    Follow up to my last question...  

    This is a professional account, but we need the HIPAA compliance forms for one (or more) of our clients.  In that case, do i fill out the name of the company for our agency that we have set up with JotForm, or do I set up HIPAA for just one of our client's business names, since it will be tied directly to that one business we need the HIPAA compliance for?

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    Answered on March 21, 2019 at 05:33 PM

    If you act as a 'Business Associate' you may need to sign a BAA with the 'Covered Entity' (client). However, we would like to suggest consulting with some legal professional regarding this.

    Please also note that the HIPAA compliance cannot be enabled on a per form basis. When the HIPAA compliance is enabled, the whole account is moved to the HIPAA environment. The HIPAA forms have more restrictions, for example:

    - Some integrations are not supported.

    - Some widgets are not supported.

    - Submission data is not included in emails. However, it is possible to attach a password protected submission PDF.

    - Form Encryption feature is not supported. The data is encrypted in a different way in HIPAA accounts.

    If you would like to keep your current forms as-is, it might be easier to open a separate account for HIPAA forms.