Form reload error on iPad

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    Asked on March 25, 2019 at 06:18 PM

    Hey there,

    So we are using a JotForm as a "shift report" at a hotel whereby the employee opens the form at the beginning of the 8 hour shift, fills info out during the shift, and submits at the end of their work day with a copy being emailed to the other people that work at the hotel. The issue that we are having is that the form will reload in the browser during the 8 hours and any information previously entered is lost.  The user then has to reenter all the info.  We have tested in multiple browsers.

    We use a duplicate form at two other locations in the same way with no problems.  However, at these other two locations, we use the form on a desktop computer and laptop.  The location that is having the reload issue is using an iPad.

    It seems that the problem happens when switching apps on the iPad, and due to the nature of other business that the iPad is used for, it isn't possible to just NOT switch apps.

    Is this a common issue?  Is there a solution?  Again, we use a duplicate form with no problems on a desktop and laptop.  The issue only happens with the iPad.  It is using version 12.1.4 (16d57) and model number MR7F2LL/A.  

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    Answered on March 25, 2019 at 09:28 PM

    I think that's a device or browser issue rather than JotForm. I did a quick search on google and this seems to be a long issue with iPad. There's one article suggesting on freeing the device RAM. Here's the link Can you try it and see if that helps?

    You can also try searching auto-refresh blocker extension with your browser. Example on Chrome