My account is saying its suspended

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    Cesar Torres 
    Asked on April 03, 2019 at 03:34 PM

    My account is saying its suspended and I need to get it running again so that I may start using your services again. please remove the suspension from my account as I do not understand why it got suspended in the first place

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    Answered on April 03, 2019 at 03:47 PM

    This form was found on your account as suspicious of phishing activity because you're collecting credit card details in plain form fields and banking information.


    Due to our PCI certification, we are required to deny the collection of credit card details on regular forms.

    However, we have other PCI-compliant ways to do this. All you need to do is choose any of the payment processors available in our platform in order to integrate in your forms. You still won't be able to collect credit card details directly though.

    If you only want to collect your customer's payment details and charge them at a later date, you can take advantage of a feature called "Payment Authorization". To learn more, kindly follow this guide on How to Enable Payment Authorization.

    In regards to the collection of banking information:


    Gathering these types of data violates our Terms of Use.

    If it's important for you to process payments through bank transactions, consider the following recommendation. JotForm has implemented a way to help you process payments directly from your customers' bank account without infringing any law or putting our company in jeopardy.

    This payment processor is called eCheck.Net and you can learn more about this by following this guide on How to Integrate eCheck Net with your Form.

    Or, if your purpose is not to collect these data from the general public, but from your own customers, then you need to comply with two things.

    1. Add the Terms & Conditions Widget (or the Short Scrollable Terms Widget) for your users to read and agree.

    2. Add a Signature Widget so your users can sign and agree to provide such sensitive information.

    We will only lift the suspension on your account if you agree with our terms and allow us to delete the offending fields mentioned above.


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    Cesar Torres 
    Answered on April 03, 2019 at 05:43 PM
    We were unaware of these terms & conditions, and agree to allow you to
    delete the offending fields of this form, we sincerely apologize for any
    unconscious use of our services, and will discontinue adding any offending
    fields to our forms moving forward.
    Thank You
    Cesar Torres
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    Answered on April 04, 2019 at 09:03 AM

    The infringing fields have been deleted and your account has been reactivated.

    You may continue developing your forms according to our Terms of Use.

    Thank you.