How to show text content in email notifications.

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    Asked on April 03, 2019 at 04:31 PM


    I want to create a form with adress attach to a choice but i dont want the adress to show on the form when the person is filling it. But, i want to see it on the e-mail we receive when the form is filled. Is it possible ? 

    Thank you 

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    Answered on April 03, 2019 at 06:23 PM

    Could you please provide a bit more information on your inquiry? Would you like to include some static text in the email template, or is that supposed to be a hidden form field? Any examples would be appreciated.

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    Answered on April 04, 2019 at 09:24 AM

    1554384091Capture.PNG-formulaire adresse1554384128Capture.PNG-email.PNG

    As you can see in the first picture, i hide this information for the client.

    In the second picture , the email i received , i want to see the information of the first picture in the email. It should be between Nom de l'immeuble Fridom and # d'appartement. 

    Is it possible to do that ?

    thank you

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    Answered on April 04, 2019 at 11:27 AM

    Unfortunately, Text fields are not shown by default in the email notifications. You need to manually add it, example:


    Let us know if you need more help, we will be glad to assist you.