Form submission not working properly

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    Phil Hulings 
    Asked on April 06, 2019 at 03:31 PM

    My form does not seem to be working properly. When I submit it, it goes to search results for Jotform. Someone coppied their form image and sent it to me with the information that it said was not available. IP address not found.

    Here is my code. Can you see why it has stopped working?

    I recently made my siter https so can that be causing a problem?

    <td align="center" valign="top" width="500" bordercolor="#0000FF" bordercolordark="#0000FF" bgcolor="#F5F5F5" height="500"><script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript">





    <link target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow noopener ugc" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

    <style type="text/css">


            width:400px !important;



            width:400px !important;






            width:400px !important;




            color:Black !important;





    <img border="0" src="carcarecolorado-mural-flag-400.jpg" alt="Have a custom designed rear window graphic mural made for your rear window."><form class="jotform-form" action="" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="form_13243422028" id="13243422028" accept-charset="utf-8">

      <input type="hidden" name="formID" value="13243422028" />

      <div class="form-all">

        <ul class="form-section">

          <li class="form-line" id="id_3">

            <label class="form-label-left" id="label_3" for="input_3">

                            <b><i><font size="5">Request your quote for a<br>Custom Designed Rear Window Graphic Mural</font></i><font size="4">

                            </font></b><font size="3"><br>

                            What are you looking to design

                            for your rear window?</font> </label>

            <div id="cid_3" class="form-input">

              <textarea id="input_3" class="form-textarea" name="q3_whatAre3" cols="40" rows="6"></textarea>



          <li class="form-line" id="id_4">

            <label class="form-label-left" id="label_4" for="input_4">

              <font size="3"><b>What is the size of your rear window?</b> I need the width at the top and bottom, as well as the height at the widest point.</font><span class="form-required"><font size="3">

                            This is very important so the graphic will fit your window. I do not

                            have window sizes, so your measurements control how well your new

                            graphic fits.*</font></span>


            <div id="cid_4" class="form-input">

              <textarea id="input_4" class="form-textarea validate[required]" name="q4_whatIs" cols="40" rows="6"></textarea>



          <li class="form-line" id="id_5">

            <label class="form-label-left" id="label_5" for="input_5">

                            <font size="3">Does your vehicle have a slider in the window?


                            If so I need the measurements from left edge to the start of the slider

                            styles, across the slider, and width of each window style at the slider

                            edge. Also the height of the slider and the step in from top and bottom.</font> </label>


    &nbsp;<div id="cid_5" class="form-input">

              <textarea id="input_5" class="form-textarea" name="q5_doesYour" cols="40" rows="6"></textarea>

                <p><b><font size="5">Be very accurate with your measurements. They

                                        will determine the finished size of the graphic mural.<br>

                                        </font><font size="4">Check your measurements to make sure it is not

                                        smaller than needed.</font></b></p>


                                        <img border="0" src="measure-pickup-slider-400.gif" width="400" height="243" alt="How to measure your pickup slider window for a rear window graphic mural."><br>

                                        <i><font size="4"><b>Be sure to tell me the width of each of the

                                        upright styles for the slider window, and the instep from the top

                                        and bottom for the slider if it steps in.<br>

                                        p.s.&nbsp; The graphic can be installed across the styles to keep

                                        from having the styles break the graphic design.</b></font></i></div>


          <li class="form-line" id="id_6">

            <label class="form-label-left" id="label_6" for="input_6">

                            <font size="3">Upload the picture you want made into a rear window graphic The better the quality of your picture, the better your graphic will come out.</font> </label>

            <div id="cid_6" class="form-input">

              <input class="form-upload" type="file" id="input_6" name="q6_uploadPicture6" file-accept="pdf, doc, docx, xls, csv, txt, rtf, html, zip, mp3, wma, mpg, flv, avi, jpg, jpeg, png, gif" file-maxsize="10240" />


                                        <font size="3">Up to 2 MB in size. If larger, please email to me at

                                        <a target="_blank" href=""></a> with

                                        all your details.<br>

                                        Remember that the larger the graphic, the better your finished

                                        graphic mural will be. </font> <br>

                                        <b><font size="3">Please do not downsize your graphic before sending. Best formats

                                        are .jpg or .png</font></b><p>


                            <img border="0" src="view-thru-graphic-400.gif" width="400" height="187" alt="Clear view thru graphic mural from inside vehicle."><br>

                            <b><font face="Times New Roman" size="5">Clear view out through the graphic mural

                            from inside the vehicle.</font></b></div>


          <li class="form-line" id="id_7">

            <label class="form-label-left" id="label_7" for="input_7">

              Full Name<span class="form-required">*</span>


            <div id="cid_7" class="form-input"><span class="form-sub-label-container"><input class="form-textbox validate[required]" type="text" size="10" name="q7_fullName7[first]" id="first_7" />

                <label class="form-sub-label" for="first_7" id="sublabel_first"> First Name </label><input class="form-textbox validate[required]" type="text" size="15" name="q7_fullName7[last]" id="last_7" />

                <label class="form-sub-label" for="last_7" id="sublabel_last"> Last Name </label></span>



          <li class="form-line" id="id_8">

            <label class="form-label-left" id="label_8" for="input_8">

              E-mail<span class="form-required">*</span>


            <div id="cid_8" class="form-input">

              <input type="email" class="form-textbox validate[required, Email]" id="input_8" name="q8_email8" size="30" />



          <li class="form-line" id="id_9">

            <label class="form-label-left" id="label_9" for="input_9">

              Address<span class="form-required">*</span>


            <div id="cid_9" class="form-input">

              <table summary="" class="form-address-table" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">


                  <td colspan="2"><span class="form-sub-label-container"><input class="form-textbox validate[required] form-address-line" type="text" name="q9_address[addr_line1]" id="input_9_addr_line1" />

                      <label class="form-sub-label" for="input_9_addr_line1" id="sublabel_addr_line1"> Street Address </label></span>




                  <td colspan="2"><span class="form-sub-label-container"><input class="form-textbox form-address-line" type="text" name="q9_address[addr_line2]" id="input_9_addr_line2" size="46" />

                      <label class="form-sub-label" for="input_9_addr_line2" id="sublabel_addr_line2"> Street Address Line 2 </label></span>




                  <td width="50%"><span class="form-sub-label-container"><input class="form-textbox validate[required] form-address-city" type="text" name="q9_address[city]" id="input_9_city" size="21" />

                      <label class="form-sub-label" for="input_9_city" id="sublabel_city"> City </label></span>


                  <td><span class="form-sub-label-container"><input class="form-textbox validate[required] form-address-state" type="text" name="q9_address[state]" id="input_9_state" size="22" />

                      <label class="form-sub-label" for="input_9_state" id="sublabel_state"> State / Province </label></span>




                  <td width="50%"><span class="form-sub-label-container"><input class="form-textbox validate[required] form-address-postal" type="text" name="q9_address[postal]" id="input_9_postal" size="10" />

                      <label class="form-sub-label" for="input_9_postal" id="sublabel_postal"> Postal / Zip Code </label></span>


                  <td><span class="form-sub-label-container"><select class="form-dropdown validate[required] form-address-country" name="q9_address[country]" id="input_9_country">

                        <option selected> Please Select </option>

                        <option selected="selected" value="United States"> United States </option>


                      <label class="form-sub-label" for="input_9_country" id="sublabel_country"> Country </label></span>






          <li class="form-line" id="id_10">

            <label class="form-label-left" id="label_10" for="input_10">

              Phone Number<span class="form-required">*</span>


            <div id="cid_10" class="form-input"><span class="form-sub-label-container"><input class="form-textbox validate[required]" type="tel" name="q10_phoneNumber10[area]" id="input_10_area" size="3">


                <label class="form-sub-label" for="input_10_area" id="sublabel_area"> Area Code </label><input class="form-textbox validate[required]" type="tel" name="q10_phoneNumber10[phone]" id="input_10_phone" size="8">

                <label class="form-sub-label" for="input_10_phone" id="sublabel_phone"> Phone Number </label></span>



          <li class="form-line" id="id_2">

            <div id="cid_2" class="form-input-wide">

              <div style="margin-left:156px" class="form-buttons-wrapper">

                <button id="input_2" type="submit" class="form-submit-button">

                  Submit Form



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    Answered on April 06, 2019 at 07:19 PM

    There was an empty PayPal payment field (not configured) in that form. I have removed that field to fix the submission issue. You may test the form again to see if the issue is fixed.

    Also, the form code might be outdated a bit. In general, we suggest using an iFrame or a JS Embed code. The iFrame/JS code automatically updates the embedded form.