Are you working on allowing additional subfolders to be created with Dropbox integration?

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    Asked on March 18, 2011 at 06:51 PM

    Great product!

    I'd like to use JotForms to have students upload their assignments to me.  What I need is the ability to create subfolders based on student responses to the form.  I know I can change the default folder to a different location based on the form data, but I can only change it, not create subfolders. 

    For example, the form asks for class time, assignment being submitted, and student name.  That's what I'd like the folder structure to look like, say: 130pm -> Assignment 1 -> Sally Field, where Sally Field is also the name of the PDF with the submission information.

    While I'm here, any chance you'll add an 'education' pricing option? 

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    Answered on March 19, 2011 at 12:07 AM


    As of now, creating folders within your dropbox account is not enabled.

    I have a workaround to suggest though. You can try creating a separate 1-question form that asks for the student's class time. Change the Thank You url to a new form that corresponds to his/her response to the first one. Configure your 2 new forms to use the Assignment Name as the dropbox folder name. Also change the title of both forms to the corresponding classtime

    What happens is your student's pdf files get uploaded in this manner, for example:

    Classtime-A -> Assignment Name -> Student.pdf

    Classtime-B -> Assignment Name -> Student.pdf

    Of course you would need to ask your students to use their names as the file name. The only drawback is that your submissions will get doubled due to the first question (class time).

    Anyway, your suggestion sounds like a pretty good idea - gets thing more organized - so I am adding this to our feature wishlist.

    About the "education" pricing option - this gets asked pretty often. I will relay this message to the upper management.