Will the autoresponder emails still work with a downladed fillable PDF form?

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    Asked on April 18, 2019 at 03:31 PM

    I know there are fields I can add for the person to include their own email address and another additional email address to send the results to someone else. Is this possible if I download the pdf and attach it to a web page as a downloadable pdf? Is the email option still available? I've tried it every which way and cannot get it to work.

    I'd love to speak with someone on the phone or live chat if possible, I'm on a bit of a time crunch. 

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    Answered on April 18, 2019 at 06:22 PM

    Hello again - I think this is related to the thread I just answered a while ago:


    If it is, kindly continue your conversation with us on the thread linked above to avoid confusion.

    Otherwise, we'd request you to clearly explain what your workflow is. You mentioned you created a PDF form. I did see a FILLABLE PDF FORM built here however, it's not clear how you want to implement it.

    If you will use a PDF FORM, you usually share this elsewhere (e.g via email attachment, a private message/chat, etc.) or anywhere where an online form will not suffice.

    If you will use an online WEB FORM though, this is something that respondents will fill out using their browser. Or, you can embed it inside one of the pages of your website.

    With these in mind, if your end goal is a fillable PDF form (and not an online web form), then you'd have to make sure that you're setting up the AUTORESPONDERS in your PDF EDITOR (and not in your FORM BUILDER). In the example below, I'm showing how to create two Autoresponders for your fillable PDF form. You can change the recipients of these emails by going to the RECIPIENT tab.

    Otherwise, if you will use an online web form (and not a fillable PDF form), then this form already works correctly as tested on the thread I linked above.

    Sadly, we don't offer phone support. We have an online chat available during EST business hours, but its availability highly depends on the volume of threads we receive.