JotForm Sheets: The user would like to add "OR" statements to the filters.

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    Asked on April 19, 2019 at 08:12 AM

    To my understanding, the multiple filters are working through the "AND" logic. The user wants to add "OR" statements to the filters to view submissions. For example, if I want to search field "Creator's Age Group" as "Grade School" or "name" field as "Jack Samuel". "There is no available data". Because these features belong to two different submissions.


    When two filters are used for the same field (i.e when I searched for the same column/field with different pieces of information), I saw that the first filter was crushed and it works as if only one filter has been entered. For instance, when I searched for the names as "John Smith" and as "Jack Samuel" together (like or logic). I saw that the sheet has searched for only "Jack Samuel" (the second one). Please check this "screencast" is shown below.

    From the clone version of the User's form using the second logic: