Multiple notification emails from the same submission

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    Asked on April 23, 2019 at 06:56 PM

    So yesterday I had to manually remove content from our email pdf generated by our form. This was stuff ending up on our form that we didn't add, and our account had made no edits. As soon as I removed the offending content, our application started sending 3 emails to our hr department for every completed submission. Just in case, I turned on filtering by cookies and by IP to restrict to one submission, but we are still getting 3 emails when we should only be getting one.

    These are our emails


    And this is our logic



    This was all working fine until the mystery content ended up on our pdf, is something going on at jotform? Database errors? Injection attacks? I just don't see how content could end up on our pdf without us logging in and adding it.

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    Answered on April 23, 2019 at 08:18 PM

    You said that there are 3 notifications sending, can you please tell us that 3 notifications so we can further investigate the issue?

    Also, please tell us the submission ID where you experience this issue.

    Guide: Where-to-Find-the-Submission-ID

    Looking forward to your response*.

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    Answered on April 24, 2019 at 09:03 AM

    It's every submission so these are the last three. I don't have access to hr emails directly, but I assume these are still sending three copies of the same email with the completed application as they were when I left for the day yesterday.




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    Answered on April 24, 2019 at 10:05 AM

    I verified with HR, and these submission ID's all sent multiple emails. In addition I seem to have two submissions from the same person in 4318921017813812932 and 4318927957016825515 which shouldn't be allowed based on our current settings.

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    Answered on April 24, 2019 at 01:00 PM

    Hi @calranch!

    I was able to resolve the issue. When I cloned your form and tested it, I was also receiving 3 notification emails per submission. Please go to form Settings>Emails>scroll all the way down to locate the last two notifications: Clone of Idaho Falls and Clone of Idaho Falls. Delete them by clicking on the trash can button for each one.

    1556125172Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 9.53

    Now your notifications should be working as expected!

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    Answered on April 24, 2019 at 01:51 PM

    OK, thank you very much!